Hi! I’m Aphelandra, an illustrator, designer, 
and emoji maker based in Chicago.
I’m also a book lover with an extensive background in publishing and a huge passion for children’s literature. I’ve worked on the art direction side—overseeing the design and branding of dozens of picture books, chapter books, and young adult novels; and I’ve worked on the artist side—illustrating several covers and two picture books. Because of my experience as an art director, I know exactly what other art directors are looking for. I have a keen eye for composition, a strong instinct for visual storytelling, and a commitment to diversity in the characters I portray. I myself am of mixed Filipino and Oneida (American Indian) descent, so getting more diversity in children’s books has always been an important goal for me. 
I now work at Hallmark, where I design greeting cards and get to do hand lettering and illustration to my heart’s content (best job ever). But I still love freelancing on fun projects, especially those that involve books and children’s media. Interested in working together? Please reach out to me at aphmesser@gmail.com.
Clients & Partnerships