Hi! I’m Aphelandra. I’m part designer, part illustrator, and all bookworm. By day I work for Hallmark, where I design greeting cards and get to do hand lettering and illustration to my heart’s content (best job ever), and by night I freelance on a variety of fun projects—usually ones that involve emoji, books, and children’s media. 
I grew up surrounded by the beauties of nature and arts and crafts, and I was always encouraged to use my imagination. I try to infuse my work with a sense of playfulness and delight that appeals to people young and old. I also strive to portray diversity and inclusivity in my work—my own heritage includes Filipino and Oneida (Native American) ancestry, and I believe it’s so important for people to see themselves in the media they enjoy.
Interested in collaborating? Please reach out to me at aphmesser@gmail.com. Thanks for stopping by!
Selected Clients & Partnerships